Monday, August 25, 2008

Revit Tip: Door Schedule

Faster door schedule

The standard door schedule that we have been using is very large and full of more of those Yes/No boxes. It needs to be more concise.


The schedule for hardware is a pain to check, read, and create. There are a million different check boxes that need to be reviewed.


We have a generic schedule that calls for all this information based on the location or type of door.

This is a simple drafting view that you can copy into your project from another. All you need to do, is make your new door schedule. Just create a new field for the schedule labeled Hardware.

Correlate this field for each door to your generic hardware schedule.

Now you can make sure and include any special conditions in the comments field of the door. This schedule can also be customized for your project, and of course you can always add more hardware types.

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