Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Revit Tip: Frame Tags

Frame Tags

Placing text next to storefront systems as a frame tag does not utilize the Revit tag feature. Previously, we had used this text to hide the tiny frame elevation tag. However, from my previous tip we know that these tags showing are no longer a problem.


Using text as a means to tag frame elevations is archaic and not very BIM-like. Revit has tagging features that we need to utilize more often. Besides, placing text next to the frame requires that all tags in every view be updated once there is a change.


I have created a wall tag that shows only the Mark value of a wall. This allows us to tag the storefront system on the plans.

Once you have the elevation placed and labeled on a drawing sheet, instead of returning to place the text on the plan, you can edit the value of the wall. Change the Mark value to the frame elevation number.

Now anytime you make a change to the frame elevations, the only place you need change the number will be in this location. All the locations that this wall is tagged will automatically update.

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