Thursday, September 4, 2008

Revit Tip: Printing


When printing multiple sheets in Revit there are several things to remember. Don’t forget them either.

  1. Use Revit PDF Writer 4.2 for most all of your PDF output.

  1. Remember to name your files appropriately. See the naming convention format that your office u. We don’t like bad names. Also, make sure to save your files to the server every time you need to keep a record. Storing files locally is a bad idea, especially if others will need access to them in the future.

  1. If you are printing multiple sheets, uncheck views and make sure to hit Check None before making your selections. You only want to print sheets, not views, and just because you uncheck views it doesn’t mean that one of them isn’t still checked. Revit can be sneaky like that.

  1. Check the Setup for your sheet view and paper sizes.

  1. Make sure your Zoom is set to 100%. Fit to page is bad for scaling.

  1. Remember you can save your page settings for quick access in the future. The key point being quick, i.e. saves time, more efficient, less likely to screw it up.

  1. Hit OK and run your print job.

If you have problems with text being misaligned in your final PDF, for instance in your schedules and charts, then use the Adobe PDF print driver.

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