Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Revit Tip: Project Browser

Sort Sheets in the Project Browser

Here is a quick tip on sorting your sheets in your Project browser.

First, we are going to use a setting already in place in our files the Discipline Order.

If you have set up your drawing list correctly, then this should already be set on every one of your sheets. If it isn’t, then fix it.

Now that we are straight on our sheets we are going to set up a filter for our sheets. Let’s head to the Settings menu and select Browser Organization.

In this menu we are going to select the Sheets tab and click New.

I named mine By Discipline. Then we set the parameters for the organization, just set it to group by the parameter we have already set for all our sheets, Discipline Order. Make sure the sort by is set to Sheet Number – Ascending, and you will be all set.

Hit OK and make sure on the previous screen you have your new filter checked. When you return to Revit the Project Browser should look similar to below.

You can see that any sheet left with blank information in the Discipline Order parameter is placed in a group named “???”. This is where you will find any sheets that have gone missing.

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