Sunday, October 5, 2008

Revit Tip: Grid Lines

Grid Lines

Every wonder what that little 3d note next to your grid line means?


If you are like me, then you like your grid lines to match up across your page. Sometimes, Revit has a mind of its own and changes these on us.

I swear those were lined up that last time I looked at this sheet.


Use that little 2d notation to your advantage! If a grid line is moved in another location in the project with the 3d notation shown, then it may have affected other portions of the project. Before you move those grids, hit the 3d notation and change it to 2d.

This is also delineated by the closed or open circle at the end of the grid line. Open means 3d and closed means 2d. This may not save all your problems with grid lines, but it should help only affect the view you are looking at.

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