Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Revit Tip: Worksets


A little recap on the username and workset issues some of you may be running into.

Remember, anytime that more than one worker needs to use a file at the same time, you will have to have worksets. Once worksets are enabled, these are tracked through the use of your username.

To access your username, just go to the Settings menu and select Options.

This menu is accessible both with files open and not open, but you will need to close open files in Revit if you want the changes to take effect on the file you are working on.

If you create a local file, then you will always need to open this file as the original user. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to save changes.

When working on a file, you will check out portions of the project so that other users are not being counter-productive.

This menu will help explain why you might not be able to edit a portion of a project.

It is possible to grant a request.

But if you have changed anything, you have to Save to Central for those changes to take effect and allow the other user to get them.

So, the most effective method that we have found is for both workers to Save to Central and relinquish control of all worksets.

Both users should then Reload Latest, and this will resolve any issues.

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