Friday, October 10, 2008

Revit Tip: Levels


Blue dots vs. Black dots

Don't know what the difference between the blue level dot and the black level dot is? Don't worry, I will help enlighten you.

Anytime you create a new level, Revit will generate a floor plan and ceiling plan associated with this new level.

This new level will show up in every elevation and section you work in from now until forever. No way to fix this unless you delete the level. Wait! This will give you that nasty error about a level being deleted.

This ominous error warning means that Revit is going to do things you may not like. To avoid this problem when you want to add levels, copy them instead.

This will give you that Black dot level instead of a blue dot.

It will function just the same as a regular level, but without the error warnings and extra views. You can still set the base and top of a wall to this level.

And when you delete or rename the level, no warnings!

Renaming levels that are created also changes all the associated views.

Not so with copied levels.

This is a great tool for adding a constraint to the project without adding a lot of extra views, i.e. top of parapet, bottom of soffit, etc.

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