Thursday, October 2, 2008

Revit Tip: Material Tags

Tag by Material

Save time by using even more tags!!!


You don't use tags to label stuff, even when you could. You love your text too much. Bad Revit user, bad.


Tag by material instead of by category.

Now on frame elevations, you can tag the glazing panel and all the panels of that type will have the same label.

Tagging is so easy, Revit will even let you fill in the text the first time.

This will work great for elevations as well, where you want to label the materials on the exterior.

Now go out there and tag it up!!

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Anonymous said...

A Glazing panel comprising a colorless soda lime glass substrate of 2 mm thick and a three layer type laminated coating formed on the substrate has such representative optical properties as a luminous transmittance (TL) of about from 75 to 85% and an energetic transmittance (TE) of about from 50 to 70% after heat treatment.